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The single inspiration that lead to the establishment of Hatsuhana was nothing more than the desire to introduce unsurpassed sushi and sashimi to New Yorkers. We’ve always felt that every restaurant should have something special that they want to share. Since the first day we opened our doors in 1976, we have been a sushi specialty restaurant. This has helped us maintain our focus on sushi and excel at the one thing that mattered most.

Over four decades later, our mission remains unchanged. Obsessive attention to detail should be the norm for sushi restaurants, not something to strive for. The complexity associated with creating the ideal sushi rice. The fragrance of freshly ground wasabi. The freshest fish from around the globe. These elements are just a fraction of what we believe to be vital in capturing the true essence of sushi. A great sushi restaurant must also prioritize intangible ingredients such as dedication, passion, liveliness and heart.

We at Hatsuhana have come to realize that during recent years it has become a rarity to take a “no gimmicks, no frills” approach to sushi. Sushi as a cuisine is conceptually simple. Ironically, its simplicity also makes it most complicated. Hatsuhana salutes the centuries-old methods used by the prominent sushi shops and chefs in Japan.